Virtual office

A virtual office is a collective name for a number of flexible business services combined in one simple package, such as a professional business address and a personal receptionist service.

This allows your company to benefit from the presence of a professional business location at a fraction of te cost of a traditional office.

With the help of our international network of selected business centers you have the opportunity to give your company a local appearance, anywhere in the world.

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Flexado - Virtueel Kantoor

Professional look from home

Use one of our office addresses as your own virtual office. If you also choose to use one of our phone services, you can always be reached by phone on one of our local numbers. Our professional operators are also available to manage all of your inbound phone calls. You can additionally make use of our professional postal and / or visiting addresses. 

Virtual office vs. fixed office space

Office space Virtual Office
By renting your own office space you often rent a space or building per m2. Choose how much you need. With a virtual office, you often do not have your own office space but make use of the shared space(s). If you need your own space, such as a meeting room or consulting room, you can often rent it separately, for an additional fee.
If you have your own office space, you can create your own unique professional image with your company logos and your own furniture. When renting a virtual office, you can often choose to have your own company logo at the reception desk on location, so that other companies know that you are working from the location.
You can decorate your own space the way you want it. Own desks, chairs and computers. Do you have enough room? Then consider things like a lunch table or lounge corner. Rent turnkey meeting rooms and consulting rooms at your convenience. But don't pay for when you don't need it.
Meet with customers in your own office. Upgrade easily with, for instance, a workstation on location if needed.
Hire staff or interns more easily. Turnkey! You can often start with a virtual office right away.
Announce regionally that you are located with a permanent office. Use your virtual office address online for marketing such as Google maps.
Use your office for online marketing on, for example, Google Business. You have little (financial) risk when opting for a virtual office.
Easily estimate the fixed costs per year through the fixed lease. No extra costs such as cleaning, security and insurance.


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As the price varies by country and location, you will find the cost of this service in the location information. Would you like more information about Flexado? Contact us by phone via +31(0) 85 303 2500, send an e-mail to or open the live chat on our website.

What are the benefits of a virtual office?

  • With a virtual office you have the appearance of a professional office without the high costs;

  • There are no long-term rental contracts as there are with traditional office spaces. This reduces your risk since you are not tied to a long-term contract;

  • All your mail can also be delivered to a business mailing address;

  • A virtual office is perfect for those who want to work from anywhere in the world, all you need is an internet connection!

  • You are always easy to reach on a local phone number;

  • For local clientele a local number is more often seen as more reliable and personal compared to an unkown area code;

  • Are you not always available to answer the phone yourself? Then make use of our extra services where one of our operators will answer you calls professionally;

  • Do you occasionally have face-to-face appointments with your customers? Then you can book one of our professional meeting rooms for this;

  • With a virtual office, you can expand your business without having to move to a larger office. This is a less expensive and stress-free alternative to traditional expansion;

  • Since space is not a limiting factor, growing companies can use a virtual office address to establish a presence in a new location or to have multiple offices across the country. It also makes it easy to test a new market without the extensive cost of moving to that area.

What problems do I solve with a virtual office

  • Meet your clients and relations at your own professional business address whenever it suits you;
  • Choose a location that really suits your business look and feel; 
  • No more unexpected customers and/or suppliers at your front door;
  • No waiting time, start online easily and immediately.

Why should I choose Flexado?

  • Flexado offers more than 4500 locations worldwide;
  • Start online safely, quickly and easily;
  • Short and flexible contract duration;
  • Manage your own account online via MyFlexado;
  • Multiple locations and/or service is possible via a single invoice;
  • Fair and clear terms;
  • Flexado has over 10 years of experience!

Business postal address 
A professional business postal and/or visiting address through Flexado. Suitable for registration with the Chamber of Commerce.

Regional phone number
You can always be reached with our cheap and flexible VoIP telephone services. Put together your own call center in our cloud.

Telephone answering service
All your incoming calls are answered with your company name and dealt with professionally.